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    Our History, Vision and Mission

    Clinically Driven Patient Access is Core to Our Mission

    We began 5 years ago at Carnegie Mellon University, the #1 School for Computer Science in the country. We created a secure HIPAA-Compliant Referral Management Software that connected primary and specialty care on the same system. 

    As a result, we saw the patient adherence to referrals increase from less than 50% to over 85%, and we closed care gaps on life saving procedures and screenings.  Today, we even track the number of lives we save each month. 

    Our team has received multiple awards and recognitions, most notably, we won a $1M award at the Global Action Challenge in Nashville for our clinically-driven innovations in healthcare.

    Patient Journey and Access is incredibly important to us, especially making sure that patients find their way to referrals. 

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    Awards and Recognitions