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    45% of patients prefer to use digital methods to request an appointment online

    Turn Visitors Into Patients Securely and Effortlessly

    PracticeBeat’s digital tools provide patients with the online scheduling services they love - and medical providers with modern, HIPAA compliant resources.


    Source: Pew Research Center; Online Health 2013



    Online Appointment Requests

    It's the 21st century and your patients are waiting for you online. It's time to meet them there with HIPAA compliant online scheduling and call tracking tools. Bring new patients on board, throughout the web, with HIPAA compliant customizable calendars, online scheduling, call tracking and EHR/Practice Management Software Integration.

    Online Scheduling
    Give patients the ability to request appointments online throughout the entire web.
    Call Tracking
    Track patient calls to your practice securely to get insights on patient acquisition.
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    Customizable Calendars
    Customize calendars for your providers to give patients a good user experience.
    HIPAA Compliance
    Guarantee that your website is HIPAA compliant and your patient data is secure on Google Cloud.


    Workflow Automation

    Happy patients, happy practice! A good workflow with easy-to-access information, reminders, and EMR integrations and features will provide you with both. Manage your patients via an automated workflow featuring a centralized dashboard, text and email reminders and confirmations, and EMR integrations and features.

    HIPAA-Compliant Forms
    Improve patient experience by collecting PHI securely, before they show up for their appointment.
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    EHR Integration
    Integrate with your EHR/Practice Management tools to provide a seamless experience.
    Text / Email Engagement
    Use text / email to send reminders and appointment confirmations, and promote your services.
    Streamline Operations
    Achieve greater efficiencies and productivity, with extra convenience for your staff.


    Save time by integrating with your EMR

    PracticeBeat eliminates disruption of your regular workflow and offers customizable online appointment booking throughout the web and round the clock by facilitating seamless integrations with over 70 leading Practice Management softwares and EMRs. Even without integrations, you can download the appointment requests as a CCD-A file and import into your EMR, so you can benefit from a streamlined patient acquisition process. 

    Some of the frequently integrated EMRs are listed here. Please contact us for the full list.
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