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    About 80% of Internet users search for health-related topics online

    Stand out amongst your competition and reach more patients

    PracticeBeat helps medical providers meet the needs of prospective patients and answer their questions as they search for information and evaluate their care options.

    Source: Pew Research Center; Online Health 2013


    High Performing Website and SEO

    Good websites (i.e. rated highly by Google and patients) need to be mobile and search friendly. That means including SEO optimized designs and content. Upgrading to a high-performance website will increase search visibility and patient acquisition through SEO-optimization, mobile friendliness, and schema usage.

    High Performance Site
    Create beautiful, blazingly fast and responsive site to provide the best user experience for patients. 
    Search Engine Friendly
    Make it easy for search engines to read your site with the help of structured data and schema markups.
    SEO Optimized Designs
    Rank higher on the search and attract patients with an SEO-friendly content and design.
    Mobile Optimized
    Boost your visibility and appeal to new patients by providing seamless access to users on any device,


    Customizable Unlimited Content

    Want more patients? Tell them why they should choose you with timely content, current staff bios, and links to the reviews highlighting your services. Investing in features such as content creation, full provider profiles, and featured reviews will help to introduce your practice to your prospective patients.

    Unlimited Content
    Built authority, and showcase your expertise by creating and publishing unlimited content online.
    Patient Updates
    Market your practice as an accessible resource that is ready to help and explain topics to patients.
    Full Provider Profiles
    Build your provider profiles with accurate information across the web, including awards and recognitions.
    Share Great Reviews
    Auto-publish positive reviews throughout the web onto your site instantly for new patients.


    Make Data-Driven Decisions

    Want the most out of your high-performance, patient-friendly website? Be sure to invest in security, upgrades, purchase points, and secure hosting services. To impress and track new and prospective patients, invest time in A/B web tests, website upgrades, conversion points and tracking, and secure hosting features.

    Automatic Upgrades
    Upgrade the website periodically and facilitate a modern care journey for patients 100% of the time.
    Conversion Tracking
    Develop your marketing strategy by tracking where patients are finding and requesting your services.
    Complete Visibility
    Know what keywords you rank for, who came to your site, where they went and what they did.
    Secure Hosting
    Experience peace of mind with secure hosting on Google's Cloud ISO Certified servers.


    Enhanced Online Presence

    An online presence involves many moving parts. To appeal to patients, it's important to manage your digital presence via online profiles and business listings. Impress prospective patients online with match & lock technology that keeps your practice's information and presence consistent across the web.

    Information Consistency
    Maintain consistent business information on 70+ listing and consumer healthcare sites
    Syndicate Information
    Save time by updating your information in one place and syndicating it to all the listings.
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    Manage Online Profiles
    Claim and manage all the online profiles of your practice, offices and providers.
    Match & Lock Technology
    Prevent unauthorized claiming and aggregation of business information on all the listings.

    Make sure your information is correct throughout the web 

    Manage and Update your business information on over 70+ social, search and consumer healthcare sites in a single click.

    Some of the important listing sites you will be able to manage through PracticeBeat are listed here. 
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