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Give Patients A Modern Care Experience

A well-designed website is no longer a viable strategy for medical practices.
Websites depreciate the minute Google changes their algorithm and are no longer competitive. Performance suffers and patients get lost. 

What Does PracticeBeat Do?

We bring all practices the comprehensive patient acquisition tools previously only available to health systems in a single inexpensive platform. 


How PracticeBeat Helps You Outrank Competition

Attention-grabbing Visibility that Attracts Patients

Your website and web profiles are completely renovated to deliver accuracy, consistency and powerful performance results

Search Performance that Outranks Competition

Show up high in organic search results when patients search by specialty or condition

Elimination of Barriers that Impede Patients

Resolve critical technical, informational, operational and logistical barriers that impede patient access

Constant New Reviews that Inspire New Patients

Gain continuous feedback from every patient to improve the patient experience and activate your advocates

Actionable Real-Time Insights that Get Results

Practical insight on every key metric provides the information needed to make intelligent data-driven decisions that get results


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See how practices are creating a competitive edge and becoming market leaders by addressing the barriers patients face online.



Trusted Growth Partner of Thousands of Practices Nationwide

From 0 to 200 Online Appointments With PracticeBeat

“ We were looking for better methods to decrease our call volume and increase patient's ease for making appointments. ZocDoc and other appointment tools didn't allow for proper appointment types to be made. PracticeBeat vastly improved our appointment making capacity and accuracy. With PracticeBeat, our website now generates over 200 appointments per month. ”

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OB/GYN Sees A 953% ROI With PracticeBeat

“ My group has been working with PracticeBeat since March of this year, and it has been a wonderful experience thus far. My group has seen a significant improvement in our online presence, increased patient volume, and more reviews then the 10 prior years combined. I would highly recommend PracticeBeat to any practitioners who is interested in growing their business and online presence!”

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