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Break Down Your Practice Growth Barriers

See why patients are not choosing you online.

PracticeBeat will compare your online presence against best practices and identify opportunities to improve your patient acquisition online.


90% Of Practices Fail Five Key Google Tests

Google Changes The Rules Daily And Your Practice Is Left Behind

Most practices are unaware of the high patient leakage tied to their online presence. From low conversion rates on patient pathways like search engines, poor listing hygiene, below-average website performance and over 15 other additional critical defects, PracticeBeat helps practices better understand how patients are experiencing barriers to access online.

Total Online Appointments

From 0 to 150 Online Appointments With PracticeBeat

" Our website now generates over 150 appointments per month! "
Dr. Charles Kent
Dr. Charles Kent, MD, MMM

Everett & Hurite Ophthalmic Association

A beautiful website Is just one part of the equation

To reach more patients and succeed in this digital era, practices need to make an exceptional first impression throughout the web.


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PracticeBeat - Don't Be Outperformed


Don't Be Outperformed!

Learn about your patients' care seeking journey and the critical barriers that are preventing them from finding and choosing you!